David Hockney


David Hockney is a painter,photographer and joiner from Bradford. Joinery is a collection of photographs which come (join) together to create a final hole outcome. Hockney first discovered ‘joinery’ accidentally,when he took Polaroid shots of his living room,then went on to glue them together,not intending for them to create a composition on their own. After his discovery,he then realized it created a narrative and made it look like the audience as walking through and around the room. After this big discovery he decided to focus more on his photography and new find,wondering how he could take this further.


Batik Artist.

Louise Macintosh-Watson.

I love these two pieces by Louise Macintosh-Watson,as they are both plan and have a simple composition. I like the use of colour. How for example in the first image,green and orange complement each other,as they’re complimentary colours on the colour wheel. A lot of her designs are plain and not very detailed which I also like because they still create an excellent piece.

Lino annotation

 I liked some of the finished lino pieces I was given but these are my favourite 3. My reasoning for this is that they all have one main focus which is the face or a part of it. Also all 3 of them have sections where it is extremely detailed and other sections where it lacks detail and is plain. A nice balance.

There were then a lot of the Lino pieces given that I didn’t like. This was because they were either too detailed or too plain or lacked an interesting composition.

I plan on doing a Lino piece of my person. An upclose picture of my face will be my starting point.