Here I have started to do a pin and thread piece. I have drawn out the piece I am going to pin over which is a vans shoe. I then went along the outline with pins and then along the patterns. I then got some thread and looped it around each of the pins creating a basic shoe.


Animated Photoshop GIF


Here is my gif I made on photoshop. I did this by using work (my patterns) from illustrator,copying it over to photoshop,duplicating each pattern and then making the same pattern a few times changing the colour of it,and putting them onto a timeline which turned the whole thing into a gif.

Michael Craig-Martin

Here I have collected images of Michael Craig Martin that appeal to me. These pieces of art appeal to me because they’re simple and stand out due to the colours used,almost in the style of pop art.

I am going to use this photo I have taken of my Van shoe,and on illustrator create a simple drawing of it,using bright colours in th and style of Michael Craig Martin.

3D Studies

For a part of my 3D work I am making a Vans shoe out of red clay. First of all I photocopied and enlarged my shoe,at different angles,to get an idea and put into perspective of how big each section and my overall outcome will be and cut them out. I then used them as a template and cut out the sections of clay.
I then cross hatched underneath each section where it will join onto another piece of clay. I then wet it and molded it together.
Once I got the basic shoe shape,I then decided to make it more accurate by cutting off unnecessary pieces of clay I didn’t need and then shaped it more to look like the outcome I wanted.

I then started to add detail to the shoe,such as adding another piece of clay to make the heal,and then thickening certain parts to make it look 3D. I then started to engrave the stitching detail and the sole of the shoe

Here I have added more detail.

Here I have wet the front of the shoe,as I need to make it wider at the top and thinner at the toe. So I need to wet it to mould it.

Here I made eyelets for my Van,to show where the shoe laces are going to go.

Next I made the tongue of the Van and placed that in.

I then added an extra piece of clay to the front of my shoe to make it more like a Van.

I then smoothed the bottom section of the added piece and blended it with the bottom of the shoe.

Here I started to add details to the Van such as the stitching and added different textures.

Next I needed to make the shoe laces so I rolled out long pieces of clay,then cut them up into even pieces. I then used the copper wire (in the image above) and pressed it over the shoe laces to give them texture.

I then diagonally overlapped each lace over one another and made it look like it was one long one threaded all the way through. 

Here I added the lace going down the side of the shoe. 

Finally,I pressed the lace down the side of the shoe so it touched the shoe. I did this because it has a smaller chance of cracking and snapping off.

I then went on to painting my clay peice. I painted the shoe black and added charcoal over the top to create a metallic look. Then I painted the shoe laces and sole white and then added abit of charcoal over the top to make it an off white colour so it looks worn.