Textiles Artist

Mandy besek

Mandy Besek is a textiles artist from Sellinsgrove,Pennsylvania. She specialises in cutting,stitching and appliqué. Her work is inspired by ancient culture and nature; as she has always had an interest in it since she was a child. This inspired her to create art about ancient culture,also to show her audience small glimpses of things in the natural world that she thought was important and that people may overlook.


Monoprint Artist

 Bryan Wynther

This piece is called Path Through Wood and was made in 1950 by Bryan Wynther. I like it as it is very gloomy,mysterious and hard to figure out what it is,almost like a puzzle,maybe the name Path Through Wood? Woods are sometimes difficult to figure out.. I like the colour scheme as it goes with the name of the piece,It does this by,using greens and browns represent woods,trees and dirt. Also I love that it looks like there are two layers. The back layer looks plain,smudged and faint,whilst the front layer is detailed and solid.

Batik Artist.

Louise Macintosh-Watson.

I love these two pieces by Louise Macintosh-Watson,as they are both plan and have a simple composition. I like the use of colour. How for example in the first image,green and orange complement each other,as they’re complimentary colours on the colour wheel. A lot of her designs are plain and not very detailed which I also like because they still create an excellent piece.

Lino annotation

 I liked some of the finished lino pieces I was given but these are my favourite 3. My reasoning for this is that they all have one main focus which is the face or a part of it. Also all 3 of them have sections where it is extremely detailed and other sections where it lacks detail and is plain. A nice balance.

There were then a lot of the Lino pieces given that I didn’t like. This was because they were either too detailed or too plain or lacked an interesting composition.

I plan on doing a Lino piece of my person. An upclose picture of my face will be my starting point.